Friday, June 8, 2018

How to rent a car at the lowest price possible

Car rental services often surprise their customers with quite hefty prices for their cars and additional taxes included, so here are some handy tips to get the best price for renting a car:

First of all, it is good to know that usually small car rentals offer up to 30% lower cost cars than the big international or national car-rental chains.

You can also look around for some promotional offers available in the region you are travelling.  Normally, new companies will offer start up promotions to attract clients and enhance name recognition among their potential clients.

Also, if you use most of the available online car rental comparison and search services, or car rental Smartphone apps, you will have quick and easy access to the best deals for car rentals in the area, as well as possible discounts for booking online or via your Smartphone.

Often the car rental companies offer coupons or discount codes on their websites as well, and sometimes they offer further incentives to registered and regular customers too. Certain ca rental agencies will offer you a discount if you are a member of an associated organization, certain type of card holder, frequent flier etc., so watch out for these offers too when hiring a car.

Always try to reserve a rental car in advance, and if you choose to prepay it, further discounts will be offered by the car rental company.  A good idea is to reserve your car for a slightly longer period than you intend, so that it covers the weekend too, because car rental companies usually offer some serious discounts for using their services on the weekends.

If you find it impossible to reserve a rented car in advance, then when looking for a more cost-effective car rental service you can always perform an internet search of the local services available, or use your Smartphone app to find one in accordance to your zip code, or address.

Remember, to stay away from car rentals which are located at Airport premises.  These can charge you with up to 30% more for the same car just because of their location.

Choose the smallest size car you are comfortable with driving and try to eliminate all unnecessary “extras”, which can load up the rental price as well.

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Rent a Car on the Tenerife Island

Since there are so many and so various ways to spend your vacation in Tenerife, the best choice for travelers is to rent a car on the island. The simple truth is that with a rented vehicle it will be easier to visit all places – beaches, old towns, volcanoes, national parks, boutiques and sports facilities. There are a lot of web sites offering attractive prices for car hire. Online reservations are available on most of them. You can pick up the location and the time period during which you wish to use the vehicle.

Some tips that can be useful for the traveler include: checking your eligibility to rent a car, booking the vehicle in advance, checking on the extra cost, choosing the right car rental company, booking the right size of vehicle, and checking the inclusions; on the first place, booking your car in advance, you can save a certain amount of money, or at least pay them before you reach the place and you already have available transportation once you get in Tenerife. You should consider that most car hire companies in Tenerife tend to sell out during the summer season which is still the busiest tourist season. That’s why prices usually go higher in the summer. By booking your car in advance you can even get preferential rates, so be sure to stay well informed of all kinds of price cuts prior to booking your car.

Since laws and regulations can be different from those in your country, you should check if you are eligible for renting a car in Tenerife. Sometimes it is possible to rent a car even at younger age than the minimum by paying the young driver’s surcharge

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Car Hire in Tenerife

The standard requirement in Tenerife is not different than in other parts of the world – a clean driving license. Appropriate credit card is often an item that is overlooked when booking a car. Make sure that the car hire company you have chosen operates with your type of card.

When making your mind to rent a car, you’ll probably be offered a large variety of other services that come at extra price. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you’re paying for the service you desire to get and not for anything else. On the other hand, if you have decided to add extras, remember that not all companies in Tenerife may offer such. Choosing the right car rental company depends on several factors, the most important of them being considering the rates, the available vehicles and additional services that may be included in the price.

The cheapest price not always means the best you can get out of a vehicle you hired. Also, most car rental companies in Tenerife include vehicle damage cover and vehicle theft cover, but in the event of having to make a claim for theft, there is often an excess sum of money to pay that are not included in the damage and theft portions. By following these tips you should be able to enjoy a safe and pleasant vacation in Tenerife. Car hire in Tenerife site ie a good source of information.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Island of Two Faces – Tenerife

Tenerife, the vastly diverse island, is the highest and the largest of the Canary Islands.  It is located on the western coast of Northern Africa and is described for its astounding beauty. It is a land of mysterious mix of myths and ancient history and is known as a nature lover’s utopia, with lush pine forests, snow capped mountains, colorful wild flowers, cliffs and its ever changing flora and terrain.

It is a large island with a variety of micro climates found at a very short distances. It has temperate and sub tropical zones, with mild and smooth weather conditions, neither experiencing extreme heat nor intense cold. The tourists can tour around the region all over the year. Light weight clothes are required during summer along with sun screen lotions and sun glasses and warm clothes are necessary during winters.

The land is known for its carnival and fiestas which includes Corpus Christi and Musical festival of Canary Island which is one of the most prestigious music fest. Mardi Gras Carnival at Santa Cruz is one of the biggest and famous street carnivals held in Tenerife with lots of crowd participating in parades in fabulous costumes.

Tenerife is a perfect holiday spot characterized by man made and natural sand beaches and many attraction places. Arona is a city and also one of the biggest tourist centres in the island with millions of people visiting the region. Teresitas Beach is an attractive and fabulous man made beach characterized by the golden yellow sand. Several activities like aerobics, beach volley always takes place here. The beach is also surrounded by the bars and restaurants, offering the tourists a wonderful experience.

It is an important cultural centre serving as a home for many famous museums with historic collections. The City Library and fine Arts Museum is a house for extensive collection of paintings which includes several masterpieces. Tenerife Anthropology Museum is a spectacular 18th century museum which is dedicated to conserve the culture of the Canary Islands.

The tourists can relax and spend a wonderful time by wandering around landscape gardens, palm groves and emblematic dragon trees in the La Granja Park, which is the 2nd major park in the Santa Cruz. Other most visited parks include Garcia Sanabria Park and Botanical Gardens.

Playa de las Americas are the best resort in the island where the people of Cheap Car Hire Tenerife enjoy the hottest night life, housing many clubs, bars, restaurants and night clubs. With the dance floors and exaggerating music, the place stands as a perfect place for partying with the clubs stay open until early mornings with huge crowd.

Bus service is the main public transportation system in Tenerife operated by TITSA. Buses are generally referred as “Guagua” by the local people. Buses run in all the streets throughout the island and the fares being very reasonable. Bus cards are also available which can be charged up with the required amount. Taxis in the island provide good service with many taxi companies offering fixed charges and operating around the popular tourist spots.

The island comprises of two international airports Tenerife North Airport (TFN) and Tenerife South Airport (TFS) which connects the Tenerife city with Spain. These are the popular airports which serves nearly millions of passengers every year. At the airport, plenty of buses, taxis and private cars are present, making easy for the tourists to reach their destination. The passengers can find restaurants, bars, cafes, currency exchange, ATMs, luggage storage, shopping, parking and many other facilities at the airports.

The passengers on their arrival at these airports can find many car rental services being operated by the major companies like Avis, Atesa, Hertz, Auto Reisen, Europcar and Goldcar Europa.

St Lucia Resorts Enjoy world class 5 star services at St Lucia Resorts with your friends or family, making your vacation special

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Sedan Services

There are many types of limos that a limo rental company can offer. There are the high-end models such as the Hummers, Tenerife Navigators, vehicles that cater to a younger audience for such events as proms and night out celebrations.

Then there are more traditional limos such as traditional stretch limos and sedan style limos which suit such situations as airport drop off and pick up services along with conservative limo services, a sedan style limo is ideal.

You would not want to pick up a client with a hummer limo, not a wise move.
That is why a limo company has to do a good job of pin pointing all of their services and categorizing them according to vehicle types. So for example, to cater to a more conservative clientele, one that will ultimately give consistent business to a limo company, a service such as a sedan service makes a lot of sense.

The reason it makes a lot of sense is because a limo company can customize the package of a sedan service according to what a company is looking for.

If they only want to offer an airport pickup and drop-off service, then as a limo company, you should be able to offer that for the client. Then there are more traditional limousine rides of business executives within the organization that want a limo ride. A sedan style limo is perfect for them.
So if it is customized service that you are looking for out of a limo company from a corporation perspective, the best thing to do as a client looking to give your business to a limo rental company is to see if what you are looking for is being offered by the Tenerife Car Service company.

It is vital as a limousine company to be able to offer packages that speak directly to the customer. If you are able to customize a package, then you are targeting your customer the right way, and that is why a sedan service is great.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tenerife – a choice for vacation

For lovers of lazy sports like golf, Tenerife is also a choice for vacation. Courses are really tourist friendly, as they do not require membership. Many of the golf courses are also located near tourist resorts, offering easy and quick access to hotels and beaches.

Tenerife attracts not only nature and ancient history lovers but also shopping freaks. Due to the fact that all the Canary Islands are partly tax free, items like tobacco, alcohol and perfume in Tenerife are cheaper than the same items in other EU countries. A vast variety of jewelry made and souvenirs made from pearls can be found at Armenime the Palace of Pearls which is open 7 days a week. Tourist shops are complemented by hand made pottery, embroidery and sculptures made from volcanic rocks. Boutiques and high fashion clothes can be found in the capital of Tenerife.

Again due to the mild climate, eating out is extremely popular among visitors of Tenerife. Local specialties include octopus, vieja sea bream, prawns and sardines, combined with fruit and vegetables.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Some of the car renting mistakes you can avoid

The first common car renting mistake people make is not performing online or offline research before renting a car.  This is a shame, because there are so many specialized travel agencies and other websites and Smartphone apps, which offer to find the cheapest and best offer for your particular needs as well as possibly offer you discounts.  Think about it, it will literally take seconds to a few minutes to do, and will save you both time and money.

Another tip to avoid paying a load of money for stuff you won’t be needing when renting a car is to think twice and check the conditions before actually agreeing to paying for all the “extra’s” which car rental agents will offer you.  Do you really need a satellite radio, an E-ZPass, a GPS navigation system (which if you own a Smartphone you probably already have)?

A common mistake is paying for additional insurance, when there is a huge probability that your credit card company is already covering for it. Always check your credit card’s coverage for collision and other damage to a rented car before paying those hefty prices for collision damage waiver your car rental agent will offer you.

Even though it may sound a little stupid, but people who have been wrongfully accused for causing damage to a rented car and have been charged to pay them know, that it is always advisable to take pictures with a date and time stamp of the car you are renting both at pick up and on drop off, so that if the car rental company calls you in a few weeks claiming you have damaged their car you will have your photo evidence to dispute their claims.

Of course, if you notice any dents, scratches, window cracks on pick up of a rented car you should discuss this with the car rental agent and make sure this is noted in written form.

Be careful about the terms of the car rental agency for the fuel of the rental car when you drop t off. Fill the tank beforehand, and avoid gas stations near airports, which usually have higher-priced fuel. Otherwise, you risk to be faced with some hefty gas prices charged by the car rental company.

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Eating out in Tenerife

Tenerife like most popular tourist destinations today has a huge range of bars and restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. Restaurants in Tenerife are varied so you are sure to find somewhere you love.

Bars range from the sophisticated and glamorous places which surround the marinas of Puerto de la Cruz and Costs Adeje to the bright lights and loud music of Playa de las Americas. Full English Breakfasts are plentiful and lunches can range from filled baguettes to burger and chips or Tapas. If you are looking for cheap and cheerful restaurants in Playa de las Americas Tenerife you won’t have to go far. Most restaurants in this area cater towards tourists and prices are very reasonable. For some more upmarket cousine the restaurants in Costa Adeje are recommended.

Dining out on an evening can be as interesting and authentic as you choose. Most resorts in Tenerife have many places to choose from if traditional British pub grub is what you are looking for. Banana Garden situated in Costa Adeje has arguably one of the best atmospheres in with excellent British style food and dancing to live music every night with five different bands per week. Restaurants in Costa Adeje Tenerife tend to be of a high quality.

Those looking for something more authentic could try one of the many Tapas Bars. One very well known one with a well deserved excellent reputation is Albertos Café-Bar, in Santa Úrsula. The food here is really excellent and the staff and service really make this place stand out.

Tenerife also has a variety of places to eat with more of an Asian flavor such as Phuket, The first Thai restraint to open in Tenerife. Situated in Playa de las Americas it is a very popular choice.

The slow boat Chinese restaurant also in Las Americas has been a popular place for many years and is now offering a full selection of Teppanyaki Japanese Cuisine.

For a special evening The Oriental restaurant Situated in the 5 star Hotel Botanico is a more up market choice. The standard of food here is exceptional as would be expected at a hotel with such a reputation.

The star of India Situated in Los Cristianos offers a buffet until 8pm along side a very expansive full menu and is popular with locals as well as tourists.

Many of the 5 star hotels have fine dining restaurants as well as buffets but for a fine dining experience outside of the hotel why not try Bistro d’Olivier in Santa Cruz. Which offers international cuisine in an elegant atmosphere.

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Tenerife Excursions

Tenerife is an island offering much more than just sun, sea and sand. There is so much to see and do here that all tastes are catered for. No holiday to Tenerife is complete without at least one excursion.

There are so many organised excursions on offer here that it is hard to choose which one to do first. Both day and night there are fantastic trips around Tenerife to choose from.

Loro Parque

Loro Parque -has won numerous awards and is now one of the most popular excursions available in Tenerife.

Children and adults alike will have an amazing experience here. Along with parrot, sea lion and dolphin shows there are tigers, killer whales and even a shark tunnel a thrilling trip for the whole family this one is top of many peoples lists of things to do here.

Piramide De Arona

Piramide De Arona.- This fantastic centre is host to the wonderful show “Esencia De Amore” by Carmen Mota. Performed by 30 dancers this spectacular musical is a real treat and one not to be missed.

Discover Tenerife

Discover Tenerife.-With so much to see here many tour organisers now offer trips, which aim to allow guests to see Tenerife’s cultural and historical highlights in one day. Thomson’s Discover Tenerife trip covers the whole circumference of the island taking in sights such as Dragon Tree at Icod de los Vinos and the spectacular cliffs at los Gigantes and Costa del Silencio as well as allowing guests to soak up the wonderful Canarian atmosphere.

Mount Tiede

Mount Tiede -No holiday to Tenerife is complete without a visit to Mount Tiede, Tenerife’s most famous landmark.

There are several tours available both by day and night all offering spectacular panoramic views over the Canary Islands and an optional cable car ride.


Golf -The wonderful Tenerife weather ensures that keen gofers will be very happy here. There are several courses to choose form ranging in price and difficulty level. Although smart dress in required the atmosphere at most clubs is relaxed and beginners are welcome. The newer Playa las Americas and Costa Adeje course has become very popular with a challenging 9 hole course situated just 500 meters from the beach. Golf in Tenerife is now so popular that most tour operators now offer organised golf excursions.


Shopping -Tenerife is a paradise for keen spenders. A great place to spoil yourself Tenerife is partly Tax-free making Spirits Tobacco and perfume excellent buys. There are many perfume shops dotted around the busy tourist areas. For serious shoppers a trip to the capital Santa Cruz offers designer brands and electrical items such as cameras and stereos at great prices.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Executive Chauffeur

Choosing to do business with a limousine company for can come with a lot of perks. There is the choice of choosing from a great selection of vehicles, depending on what you are looking for.
Then there is the option of having your celebration enhanced with the presence of a high-end limousine. In any event that you decide to reserve your limo, making sure that the quality and affordability are important points to consider. But another selling point, not necessarily the show stopper, however, something good is having an executive chauffeur be present at your event.
What exactly is an executive chauffeur? An executive chauffeur is someone that is designated as the highest post of a driver for that particular company. This individual has the most experience and is very presentable upon arrival.

By choosing to have an executive chauffeur be your driver of choice for your wedding, or your bar mitzvah, for example, you are choosing to get a reputable person who can be depended on for all that you need done that evening.

Executive chauffeurs are not offered by all limo rental companies so if you are interested in reserving one, make sure this is one of the things that you inquire about prior to reserving a limo.

At the end of the day, this option is a nice to have, as opposed to deciding between the vehicles types available. Again, by choosing to have this luxury offered for your night out celebration, you are guaranteeing that the driver is professional in their behaviour.

However, what a limo company will try to do to get an upper hand on the competition, is to position themselves as a high-end company catering to the needs for all clients. This is important to consider because this shows that a limo rental firm is willing to go above and beyond to satisfy you in anyway.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tenerife – Facts

Here, we provide you with some of the interesting and fun facts about one of the top holiday places in Europe, the Tenerife Island, which you might not have came across before. Have a happy time reading!!!

  • Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands and has the most popular landmark and also the third largest island volcano that is the Mount Teide.
  • Tenerife consists of the 43% of the population of the entire Canary Islands.
  • Jointly with Las Palmas, Santa Cruz is not only the capital of Tenerife but also the capital of Canary Islands.
  • On the Car Hire Tenerife Island, one in 6 people are involved in tourism or hospitality industry.
  • The tallest buildings in the Canary Islands as well as the tallest residential buildings in the whole of Spain are the Torres de Santa Cruz – Towers of Santa Cruz.
  • The El Medano beach is the longest one in Tenerife.
  • The national anthem of Spain is the only one in the world that is played as an instrumental. It does not consist of any words.
  • The flag of Tenerife appears to be similar to that of the flag of Scotland.
    It is not the part of the European Union though it is a part of Europe and uses Euro as its currency.
  • The tiny badges present on the bumpers of Taxis in Spain saying “Sp” stands for “servicio publico” but not “Spain.”
  • For every 2 minutes, there appears to be a fireworks display in Tenerife.
  • Tuesday the 13th is considered to be unlucky in Tenerife as well as in the rest of Spain.
  • “Dorada” is the name of the native beer of Tenerife which is prepared exclusively in the island. This beer cannot be found anywhere in the world but is available little in Gran Canaria, which is a neighboring island of Tenerife.
  • Best car hires in Tenerife are available from Auto Reisen, Goldcar Europa, Atesa, Hertz and Avis.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Airport car services

Airport car services allows you to take the service of getting people to and from the airport with a sedan style limousine and to do so in an affordable manner and a timely one considering time can be very sensitive.

If you are planning to book an airport limo for transporting yourself to and from the airport of your city, be it you live in Puerto dela Cruz, Las Americas, Atlantis or other major cities in Tenerife, make sure you follow some very simple guidelines.

Be aware that the fees of payment will be higher with a limo as opposed to a taxi. The limo has a different cost associated, based on the vehicle itself. Then there is the transporting of your luggage, something else to keep in mind.

You must also keep in mind that it is important that you give yourself enough time to be able to get to and from the airport, depending on where you live in proximity to the airport. If you live closer, many things change as opposed to living a lot further from the airport, be aware of that.

With the airport car service that a lot of limo rental companies choose a reputable one that is always aware of what it is you require. If you require to have early pickup, or to accommodate the amount of bags you need to bring on the trip, please make sure you speak to the limo rental company making sure everything is in-line.

An airport car service is deemed a non-essential service, yes, it is pricey and it is something that you can avoid and go with other options, however, if you are looking at all options to consider, consider this.

Treat yourself to an airport car service with anyone of the many limo companies that your city has to offer, you will be satisfied with what is available to you, because this first step is something that will get your trip off on the right foot.

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